Portrait Workshops

Learn to Light

Portrait Photography & Creative Lighting

These 'hands on' workshops will show you how to successfully shoot models using a huge range of studio lighting techniques, from simple one light set-ups through to multiple light set-ups using a range of modifiers. The emphasis is on teaching you techniques you can use with your existing gear at home or in any location.

No previous studio or model shooting experience necessary.

The Portrait Workshop will give you the foundations to shoot great images while the Creative Workshop expands on this with the use of advanced lighting techniques, gels and smoke!


Simon will first run through the theory of lighting before everyone then gets a chance to shoot all the set-ups while being guided at every step.

What will you learn?

* How to set up and use studio lighting.

* Basic rules of portraiture.

* High and low key lighting.

* Directing and posing your model.

* The main types of portrait lighting - Rembrandt, Loop, Butterfly, Split, Short and Broad.

* The Inverse Square Rule and how light 'drop off' really affects your image.

* Which modifiers to use.

* And lots more! 

What will you need to bring?

* DSLR, bridge or mirrorless camera - any camera allowing full manual override of the settings that also has a hotshoe (please make sure the hot shoe has the large centre connection as some Canon cameras aren't compatable with flash triggers!).

* Any lenses you have.

* Memory cards and a fully charged battery!

"Having modelled for 2 of Simon’s lighting workshops (as well as many others), Simon really is one of the best! He is a FANTASTIC teacher and he really knows his stuff!"

Nicole Rayner - international model.


Next Portrait Workshop - TBC

Next Creative Workshop - TBC

One to One Photography Training

Our training is totally bespoke, tailored to the exact needs of the photographer attending the session.

So whether you're looking to get out of the 'auto' mode on your camera, or are more experienced and want to improve your lighting skills, we've got you covered.

One to One sessions are priced at £60 per hour or £80 per hour including a model. However, you're more than welcome to bring your own family member or friend as a model!

Get in touch to discuss your requirements 

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