Group Shoots

Photography Group Shoots

& Model Days

Our Group Shoots and Model Days are a great way of building up your portfolio shots of models.

These sessions are ideal for photographers of all abilities as the studio owner will give all help needed with lighting, camera setings, posing ideas etc.

Group shoots are where a few photographers share the session, taking it in turns to shoot the model. These are great as the photographers can bounce ideas off each other and help with set and lighting changes.

Model days are sold as hourly blocks, with just one photographer per hour shooting the model.

So don't be shy! Come and get some fantastic images while building your photography skills with a like-minded group of people.

Refreshments are included!

See full details of upcoming shoots below.

Terms and conditions for Group Shoots, Model Days, Workshops, Classes and Creative Nights (Events)

Payment is due in full when making a booking for any Event.

If the client cancels their Event refunds will only be made if the studio can resell that Event. Clients may transfer their Event to a third party, but must notify the studio.

The studio reserves the right to refuse entry to a client and/or to remove them from an Event at any time.

The client agrees to abide by all studio rules and applicable national or local authority laws.

If a client is in any doubt they should contact the studio before booking and paying for any Event.