Lens Calibration and Sensor Cleaning




We offer a lens calibration service for photographers using Canon or Nikon cameras with lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron.


When DSLR cameras and lenses are manufactured they are made to certain tolerances, which means that some will pair up with better accuracy than others. When shooting with larger apertures and very shallow depth of field, this variation can become very apparent, especially with genres such as portrait and wildlife photography. To correct for this variation your DSLR camera has a micro fine tune function. 


We use various software and manual methods to tune your lenses to your camera bodies and save this information to your camera so that it uses the correct setting each time you connect the different lenses.


We also provide additional reports showing the sharpest aperture range and autofocus consistency of each lens tested.


We recommend your gear is calibrated every 6 - 12 months (depending on usage) as camera and lens parts are subject to wear, which over time will mean the accuracy will vary.  Also, if a camera or lens has been subject to any impact this can cause alignment and accuracy problems.


We can calibrate prime and zoom lenses. Some Canon cameras allow 2 adjustment inputs for zoom lenses, so these are tested twice to get a measurement for each end of the focal range. Nikon and the remaining Canon cameras that allow just one input are tested throughout their range with the measurement being weighted towards the long (telephoto) end as this is where there are normally bigger focusing errors.


If your gear is booked in before midday it will usually be ready to collect the following day.


We offer the following packages...



1 camera body and up to 2 lenses £50



1 camera body and up to 4 lenses £90



2 camera bodies and up to 6 lenses £200


Additional lenses added to any package - £20 each 

Teleconverters are classed as a lens for testing and cost purposes.


To book your calibration session email the studio.





Sensor Cleaning When dust gathers on your sensor you'll see dark ‘spots’ on your photos. This is particularly visible when photographing plain backgrounds such as sky or against a white/grey background. Having the sensor cleaned regularly helps maintain the camera’s performance, helping you to achieve the best possible results from your photography. We offer a same day sensor cleaning service (please bring your camera with a fully charged battery and charger) for just £40. Please email the studio to book your sensor clean.